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Welcome to The Carolina Weigh!



Welcome to our webpage.  Hopefully you will be able to see how we can help you reach your weight goals.  We welcome your input and ideas to improve our services.  Please go to our contact page to let us know what would be helpful to you.


We are a physician managed and supervised bariatric clinic based in Greenwood SC. We provide individual and effective help so you can reach your goals including:


  • Programs that are designed to fit your goals of how you want to live while you lose. These programs are easily modified to fit you and your life.
  • Initial comprehensive evaluation with comprehensive blood work, ECG, urinalysis, body composition analysis, including review of your family history, past medical history, medications, and dietary patterns.
  • Close follow-up of your progress and health
  • Dietary mangement
  • Counseling
  • B-12 injections
  • Appetite suppressants if eligible
  • Individually designed maintainance.
  • And most importantly, friendly people you can talk to and who will give you the help you need.
  • A webstore where you can purchase many of our products even if you don't live in Greenwood!

Why Us

We take it as our roll to help you to improve your health, your physique, your self esteem, and yes even your charisma through getting you a slimmer, fitter form.  We will work with you and do our best to make you comfortable and happy through the process.  A diet is simply a statement of what you eat.  We want to change and enhance your eating patterns.  No plan should be so rigid as to make it impossible to adjust to your likes dislikes and schedule. We work with you to give support without judgement to help you reach your goals.

Carolina Medical Weight Management PA - 1027A Edgefield Street - Greenwood, South Carolina 29646
Toll Free (877)319-5798 - Local Phone(864)227-9708 - Fax (864)229-5542

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